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Blank Check with Griffin and David is a movie podcast that focuses on the filmographies of directors - sometimes their Hollywood checks clear and sometimes they bounce baby. To roughly translate, our show focuses on the rollercoaster that is the creative process of filmmaking.

What work am I proudest of? Well through social media (@blankcheckpod), our show has gained the attention of artist Lin-Manuel Miranda, director Nancy Meyers, Star Wars writer Chris Weitz (now past and future guest), and other famous filmmakers.

But what I love most about working with Griffin, David, and Ben is their sincerity and total lack of pretension. “Film” has always been a word and a world that felt cut off for me. But their love for movies will make you love movies - no other requirements needed. Seeing new fans feel the same really means the world to me.


As the associate producer and social media lead for Blank Check, I consider it my responsibility to have a welcoming environment and keep discussions open. I love communicating with fans and I make social media engagement a priority to develop our base.

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